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Prostate Treatment and Research in BC: The History
Innovative prostate research intiated at the BC Cancer Agency by Dr. Nick Bruchovsky and Dr. Paul Rennie in the Department of Cancer Endocrinology.

Dr. Larry Goldenberg joins the group and a partnership is formed that resulted in the ability to translate basic research into novel applications of hormone therapy in men with all stages of prostate cancer.

Dr. Martin Gleave, trained as a surgeon-scientist at UBC and the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, is recruited back by the Division of Urology.

Creation of the Vancouver General Hospital's Prostate Clinic, a modem clinical research and patient care facility, which provides state-of-the-art medical and surgical treatment to the men of Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia and other parts of North America.

The Terry Fox Foundation, in partnership with the National Cancer Institute of Canada, awarded the first ever peer-reviewed Program Grant to study prostate cancer to Dr. Paul Rennie and his team of co-investigators. This led to a rapid expansion of the research team, including both basic and clinical scientists.

Most of the group moved to a larger facility at the Jack Bell Research Centre to accommodate this growth and momentum. The Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital was created as an integrated, multi-disciplinary team to focus on prostate disease at every level: research, prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and education. This melding of treatment and research on one site, to focus specifically on prostate disease, is unique in Canada and represents a classic model of translational research.

The Prostate Centre recruits 5 new research scientists to complement its existing programs.

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