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The Gene Array Facility is a comprehensive multi-lab, multi-user facility containing all the critical elements required in the large-scale development, production and analysis of both oligo and cDNA microarrays, as well as developing array-based technologies.

The Gene Array Facility offers:

  • Oligo- and cDNA-based microarrays (cost-recovery pricing)
  • Developing array technologies
  • Standard oligo and custom cDNA libraries
  • cDNA library production
  • Technical consultation and support

The jointly operated microarray centre (consisting of The Genome BC Microarray Platform and the Gene Array Facility at The Prostate Centre, VGH) serves the needs of provincial, national and international investigators. We are committed to maintaining a state-of-the-art facility in order to provide investigators with the highest quality microarrays for their research. We are dedicated to delivering top quality materials in a timely and efficient manner.

The Centre is a non-profit academic facility which provides services based on a cost-recovery model developed in conjunction with Genome BC. This offers the flexibility to economically reproduce experimental results in the context of academic budgets.


We provide a wide variety of products and services associated with all aspects of microarrays and array technologies. Microarrays are a powerful tool which provide a fast and economical method for gene expression analysis of tens of thousands of genes concurrently. The differences in gene expression between discreet conditions are studied and the detected differences are used to identify the genes involved in or affected by the biological event under investigation. Some examples include: normal vs. disease states, exposure to specific chemicals vs. non-exposure, and differences in developmental states. Such expression-based arrays are quickly advancing our knowledge of gene function.

The Gene Array Facility offers a full range of technical support to assist researchers, including technical consultation of experimental design, training in laboratory techniques and analysis of results.

In addition to standard gene expression arrays, the Facility also works on development of emerging technologies. Contact us to discuss your needs.


The Gene Array Facility's expression array products and services include:

  • Large-scale comprehensive libraries (human, mouse & rat 70mers from Qiagen Operon (www.operon.com))
    • Human Genome v.1.0 (14 K)
    • Human Genome v.2.1 (21K)
    • Mouse Genome v.1.0 (6.9 K)
    • Mouse Genome v.2.0 (16 K)
    • Rat Genome v.1.1 (5.6K)
  • Custom normalized cDNA library production
  • Re-array of clones and amplification/purification of these novel cDNA gene sets
  • Custom microarrays with investigator's specific species of interest
  • Expression profiling and analysis
  • Experimental design consultation
  • RNA labeling and purification of labeled RNA
  • Hybridization Data acquisition and analysis, and bioinformatics support

Contact Information

For more information or to enquire about our services, please contact:


Orders and Services

Stéphane LeBihan, PhD
Project Manager
The Prostate Centre at VGH

Scientific Consultation

Colleen Nelson, PhD
Senior Scientist and Head, Gene Array Facility,
The Prostate Centre at VGH
Director, Microarray Platform, Genome BC
Associate Professor, Surgery,
University of British Columbia

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