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Emma S. Guns, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, The Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital
Assistant Professor of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Jack Bell Research Centre
2660 Oak St.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6H 3Z6
Office: 604 875-4111 ext. 63430
Fax: 604 875-5654
E-mail: eguns@vanhosp.bc.ca


Research Interest

Pharmacological assessment of natural health products for prostate cancer. Emma Guns, BSc. PhD, is a Research Scientist at The Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital and a faculty member of the Department of Surgery (Assistant Professor) and Pharmaceutical Sciences (Associate Member) at The University of British Columbia. Dr. Guns coordinates the complementary/alternative therapy research program at The Prostate Centre and is a pharmacologist with a specialised interest and experience in drug metabolism, drug transport, pharmacokinetics, multi-drug resistance to chemotherapy and tumor models in vivo. Her research group comprises of postdoctoral fellows: Sherwin Xie and Simon Cowell, graduate student: Andy Eberding and research technicians: Candice Madera and Catherine Wood whose work focuses upon the use of naturopathic treatments and dietary supplements with advocated therapeutic efficacy for prostate cancer. Current compounds/therapies of study include High pH therapy, ESSIAC™, ginsenosides and PC-SPES and these alternative treatments are currently being tested in prostate tumor models to investigate pharmacokinetics, toxicity, metabolism and if relevant, molecular mechanism of the action. Dr. Guns research group is also investigating the combination of natural products with conventional chemotherapy to determine the incidence of potential interactions posing as hazard or benefit to therapeutic efficacy.

Dr. Guns has been recently involved in the analysis of conventional therapeutics in clinical trials for the treatment of prostate cancer. Her research lab has validated HPLC analytical methods for the purpose of quantifying paclitaxel as well as antisense oligonucleotides derived from human sera for trial sample analysis on a collaborative basis.



Eng, J, Ramsum, D, Verhoef M, Guns, E., Davison B.J. and Gallagher R. A population based survey of complementary and alternative medicine use in men recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Integrative Cancer Therapies 2 (3) : 212 - 216. 2003

Guns ES, Denyssevych T, Dixon R, Bally MB, Mayer L. Drug interaction studies between paclitaxel (Taxol) and OC144-093--a new modulator of MDR in cancer chemotherapy. Eur J Drug Metab Pharmacokinet 27 (2) : 119 - 126. 2002


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