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S. Larry Goldenberg, M.D., FRCSC, FACS

Director, The Prostate Centre at VGH
Professor, Department of Surgery, UBC
Head, Division of Urology, UBC and VHHSC
Active Staff, Division of Urology, Vancouver General Hospital
Research Consultant, Department of Cancer Endocrinology, BCCA
Consultant Urologist, Department of Urology, University of Washington

Jack Bell Research Centre
2660 Oak St.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6H 3Z6
Office: 604-875-5003
Fax: 604-875-5604
E-mail: lgold@interchange.ubc.ca


Research Interest

My research involves the study of diagnostics, education and novel treatment approaches of prostate cancer. In patients with early, localized tumours I have co-developed and tested clinical protocols in which neoadjuvant hormone therapy is administered prior to surgical removal of the prostate. I have been the co-principal investigator in 2 large, Canadian national trials testing either 3 or 8 month durations of therapy. This work is ongoing and attracting international curiosity.

For patients with more advanced cancer, continuous hormone therapy has been the mainstay form of treatment. Supported by experiments showing that intermittent androgen suppression (IAS) delays time to androgen-independent progression in our tumour model systems, I tested IAS in a group of patients with prostate cancer. Based on these preliminary results, additional Phase II and Phase III trials have begun across Canada (NCIC), the USA, and in Europe. I am the Canadian principal investigator of an international intergroup study of IAS in men with metastatic cancer.

I am leading an MR research team to investigate the role of imaging and spectroscopy in prostate cancer.

I am currently initiating research into the development of "point of care" diagnostic devices for "on the spot" PSA measurements.

I am proud of the publication of my book "Prostate Cancer: All you need to know to take an active part in your treatment" which is now in 3rd edition printing.

Paperback - 269 pages 3rd ed edition (January 2001)
Language: English
Intelligent Patient Guide (Intelligent patient guide) ; ISBN: 0969612559


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