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Paul S. Rennie, PhD

Director, Laboratory Research
The Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital

Professor, Department of Surgery and Department of Pathology and
Laboratory Medicine, University of British Columbia

Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, University of Victoria

Jack Bell Research Centre
2660 Oak St.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6H 3Z6
Office: 604 875-4818
Fax: 604 875-5654
E-mail: prennie@interchange.ubc.ca


Research Interest

Dr. Rennie's current research is aimed at determining how androgens regulate gene transcription and how to use this knowledge to prevent progression to androgen independence in prostate cancers. A considerable amount of research in his lab is directed towards identifying the molecular elements that define steroid-receptor and tissue specificity. For example, using 2-hybrid and proteomic analytical systems (MALDI-TOF), his lab is working to identify and characterize proteins that bind to the androgen receptor and modulate its transcriptional activity. In addition, he is studying prostate-specific elements of gene promoters and working to develop a herpes virus-based vector as a targeting vehicle for in vivo delivery and prostate-specific expression of genes that can control or kill prostate tumour cells. Dr. Rennie is the Coordinator/PI of an NCIC/Terry Fox Program grant on Prostate Cancer Progression, PI of CIHR and Health Canada grants, and Director of Laboratory Research for the Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital, which is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary group of scientists and clinicians who are seeking new methods of research, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of prostate cancer.



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